White River to set up community policing

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Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Community Engagement Team consisting of police officers and Director of the Solomon Islands Community Development Programme (SICPD) conducted Crime Prevention and Community Setup awareness programmes at White River, West Honiara on September 26.

Commander and Crime Prevention Programme Coordinator Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Macfretch Tesuatai says, “During the awareness talk there were about 50 people from their community present. This includes men, women, youths and children. They express their gratitude towards the initiative and time rendered in presenting the program to their community.

“The community engagement team emphasizes more on the main issues shared to every communities and schools visited in Honiara and provinces concerning the five drivers of crime. The drivers are alcohol and drugs, family violence, Issues affecting youths, resources, environment and other emerging issues.

“The community were made aware about the five drivers of crime and the main cause of crime that are stipulated in the crime prevention strategy model. This was followed by the topic of community ownership urging the communities to be proud of and take ownership of it.

“The awareness is to inform the community about the need to set up a crime prevention committee on how they can create by-laws for their community to make it a better environment for their children to enjoy free without fear of criminal activities. Communities were also being warned of taking illegal substances and other dangerous drugs commonly used by some youths.”

Community Chairlady Susan Funu in her concluding remarks says, “I on behalf of the communities in and around White River would like to thank our police team and other stakeholders for your time to conduct this important awareness talk to our community.”

The community acknowledges the awareness team and expresses the need for police to assist them in setting up their community Crime Prevention Committee (CPC) to work in partnership with police.

The community assured the awareness team that they will work closely with the police since the program marks a beginning for their community to set up their CPC.

Tesuatai says, “I would like to acknowledge the community for taking the initiative seriously as they looking into setting up the CPC soon. Looking forward in working together with them.”