White River arts and cultural event coming up

First of its kind…..


A community initiative in organising a three days event for the Community of White River is soon to start next month called the “White River Arts and Cultural Event”.

The initiative Division being the first of its kind is motivated through the training provided under the Culture in equipping cultural producers with various capacity building and basic business trainings including report and proposal writing.

According to Mr Moses Aunama Jnr the Chairman of the Task-force, the trainings have influenced and encouraged participants residing at white river community to initiate the ideal of organising an arts and cultural community event that may assist in promotion of arts and cultural skills and talents.

“The event is a pilot program for future events and festivals. Evaluation will be on the program for the development and continuance of the initiative,” said Mr Aunama Jnr.

“This is an important opportunity to encourage cultural groups and artists for not only promoting respective skills and talents but also for the purpose of preparing artists and cultural groups to participate in next year’s upcoming Melanesian Arts festival organised under the Culture Division of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.”

“The event is merged with the ideal of community peace building through bridges across diverse cultures.”

“Members of the Task-force comprises with diverse cultural origins that are with the common goal to promote peace through arts and culture.”

The rationale of the initiative is basically to promote peace and stability through art work and cultural performances including local dishes and youth related issues through films.”

Its alternative is focusing on the employment of art works, cultural skills and talents in addressing and promoting peace in the community of White River.

In addition, the event is set as an opportunity for cultural producer’s skill promotions and marketing.

This is identified as a privilege on which cultural producers are able to demonstrate and showcase their respective skills and talents.

“The event enabling interactions and socialization amongst participants with great skills is also an opportunity for the general community and public to get to know each other, learn and share ideas and knowledge’s,” said Mr Aunama Jnr.

“The community stability was being shaken during the Ethnic tension. This is why there is enhance to reinforce community peace and harmony to certain extent.”

“This is relevant due to the fact that the peace within communities was taken care of by RAMSI who have recently reserved back the community responsibilities before their departure.”

“It is a challenge left behind for citizens to take responsibility in sustaining peace which was restored through the RAMSI Operation.”

Besides the event is an avenue for also addressing community related issues that apparently pose challenges to societal stability, youth and gender issues for instance.

It is a prerequisite for building a vibrant and prosperous society where all levels of social groupings may live and enjoy.

The ideal is an opportunity as to re-integrate the community for a better future for the children.

Through various activities, the event addresses youth issues and participation.

Promotion of gender equity is also an intertwine element which focuses on men and women’s fair participation through shared responsibilities and opportunities through the program.

This is to ensure that both maximise the benefits of the events in empowerment, promotion, showcasing and entrepreneurial activities.

Furthermore, the event cherishes in its program the involvement of various social groups on which specific activities are developed particularly for each respective groups.

Games are created and inserted into the event activities specifically for children, women, youths and others.

Arts and cultural ideals the development of the event is structured along are blended around community peace building.

The event is structured into many different activities and programs stretched out for three days.

It engages cultural and contemporary performances including dances, singings, speeches, demonstrations, dramas, games, films and other awareness programs with interviews amongst others.

This is to promote collective participation as to ensure connectivity among community members and to make them feel part of the event in having ownership of the initiative.

“Our Event’s benefits enlisted are what have been attempted by other organizations but through different strategies,” said the Chairman.


“This ideal offers the other alternative which is more holistic in approach and is a collective initiative contextualised to suit the need of the community.”

“The general populace of White River through participation and involvement in the event will very much benefit either directly or indirectly.”

“It entails and addresses the many different issues faced which influences the choice of including peace awareness and community policing awareness.”

“Through encouraging promotes innovation and creativity which ensures creative minds and creative futures.

“This is also a fact of motivation and empowerment which assists in building capacity and capability.”

The event is schedule for three days starting on the 27th of October to the 29th. This is to allow time for the working populace to also attend this important event. Each day is tied with different types of activities selected for various social groupings.

Yesterday it was mistakenly published that the event will take place this month on which the actual date is in October next month.

The first day is a half day program being occupied by the official ceremony with few performances and games for children.

On the second and third days have full day programs in which all the required activities are to take place.

The Theme for the event is “Building peace through Arts and Culture.” Venue is at the White River playing ground.

Representatives of the Task-force are leaders of various cultural groups and freelance artists’ entrepreneurs.

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