North East Guadalcanal Constituency receives machines


Minister for Infrastructure Development, Hon Stanley Sofu hands over the keys of the machines to the Minister for National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace and MP for North East Guadalcanal Constituency, Hon Samson Maneka

NORTH East Guadalcanal Constituency received a fleet of machineries from the Minister of Infrastructure and Development yesterday.

The fleet consists of three dump-trucks, an excavator and a two-tonne truck. They are provided under the Transport Rural Infrastructure Initiative Grant through the MP North East Guadalcanal Constituency, Hon Samson Maneka.

Speaking during a ceremony to hand-over the machines at Pitikole village yesterday, Minister for Infrastructure Development, Hon Stanley Sofu said receiving these machineries is a step forward for the constituency in terms of rural infrastructure.

He said this transport rural infrastructure initiative comes under the DCCG policy which looks at addressing rural transportation.

Sofu said government saw the need for rural people to participate actively in economic development, and so they came up with the initiative.

He said this initiative goes in line with the programme of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development.

“But most of the work done by MID never reaches straight down to the rural setting. For example: in the case of this constituency, MID can only provide maintenance of the main roads.

“However, many roads lead to villages where people stay especially they do economical activities are luck with quality infrastructure.

“People in rural areas are in need for infrastructure to connect them so that they can do business and whatever with the outsiders.

“This is the reason the initiative came about to ensure infrastructure connect them and provide them with access that can help address some of their needs,” Sofu said.

He also said North East Guadalcanal Constituency is one of the potential economical sites in the country.

Sofu said lots of developments happening in the area are contributing to the national economy.

Adding that roads is very important to connect people and economic services in the area.

On the same note he thanked Hon Maneka for his efforts in pursuing the grant to pay the machineries for his constutency.

He told the constituents that work to procure what they now have is not easy and together they should applaud their MP for the work done.

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