Where’s that $2m funding?

Nick Hatigeva
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Caucus wants financial report update on Solomon Games


Nick Hatigeva

THE Renbel Solomon Games taskforce and the National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands (NOCSI) is under heavy pressure this week to deliver financial reports regarding the $2 Million Dollars given by the government to help the provinces’ preparation to host the national games in November.

Vice Chairman for the Renbel Games task force Mr Nick Hatigeva said their task force had already met with NOCSI and NOCSI with the government Caucus on August 29 to deliver their presentation regarding the first assessment visit to the province back in June.

Mr Hatigeva said NOCSI had met with their task force committee last Saturday to update them about the situation after Caucus questioned Renbels’ preparation to host the games.

He said the presentation to caucus was well received saying amongst some of the major concerns raised during their presentation last week was Caucus’s call for the task force to deliver their financial reports on the $2m funding for the games from the government

“The concerns uttered by the caucus members especially the caucus president among others were, one although the report may look good on paper there appears to be little progress made after the funding of 2 million dollars was paid out to the task force in June,” Hatigeva said.

“Two, the task force was required to submit a report on progress at the end of July, but this has not happened yet.

“There were concerns and questions raised over water issues and also some concerns over transportation and on various matters and issues relating to the preparedness of playing venues and facilities,” he adds.

The vice chairman said while there were concerns, there were also some positive signs shown from the presentation.

“Some of the positive feedback that came out from the meeting was that the government wants an urgent report from NOCSI and the Renbel Task Force to justify that they will be able to complete work on all venues and can still host.

“Second is for NOCSI to make an urgent visit to Renbel Province to ascertain progress made so far and report back to the government on their findings, before government can make a final decision,” he said.

Hatigeva confirmed their task force has been informed about the situation by NOCSI last Saturday and will work on finalizing the report so the games can kick off in November.

“So on Saturday, NOCSI had convened a meeting with Renbel Task Force to convey the information and urged the Task Force to show cause by helping NOCSI to come up with the required report and move quickly to complete remaining work.

“The Task Force will submit its report this week regarding progress of preparation work, expenditures relating to the 2million and to prove and justify to the government that there has been progress made since June, and that all venues will be ready before November,” he said.

The Vice Chairman meanwhile thanked NOCSI President Martin Rara, their Member of Parliament Dr Tautai Angikimua Kaituu for taking up the cause to plead Renbel’s case to host the national games in their province.

“Thank you to NOCSI President and also to our Honorable MP, Dr. Tautai, for the great support that he demonstrated when he plead with his colleagues and members of the caucus to support the call for Renbel to still host the Solomon Games,” he said.

“The presentation by NOCSI to the national government caucus last Wednesday was well received, thanks to the NOCSI president and his team for the good job.”