Orientation and Training programme for WPG and HoDs begins in Gizo



A group photo after the opening programme at the Women Resource Center on Monday.

THE Orientation and Training programme for Western Provincial Government and Heads of Division workshop was begins in Gizo, Western Province.

This orientation is for the Members of the Provincial Assembly and Heads of Divisions serving the provincial government of the Western Province on the Financial Management Ordinance and the Financial Instructions.

The two week workshop started on Monday 10th September 2018 at the Women Resource Center and will wide-up on Friday 21st September 2018.

The newly elected Premier of Western Province David Gina has honored to be part of the very important orientation and training program for the MPAs and HODs.

Speaking at the opening ceremony on Monday Gina said that his newly formed government are so privilege to have the expert from the Ministry of MPGIS and his team to assist and support in this very important orientation and training.

“Executive members, MPAs, HODs and other participants, the training and orientation that we have been waiting for is here, and the getting together that we anticipate and longed for is at hand.”

“I therefore appeal to all of us for our cooperation, participation and more interaction so that our togetherness here in this workshop will be long remembered and will be part of our histories as we are being reminded of our sole roles, duties and responsibilities,” said Gina.

He said that the fact we all here is not by mistake, but by blessing. Explore and discover the revised FMO and the PG FI look at public expenditure systems, fully understand the roles, duties and responsibilities of the Public Accounts Committee, Introducing the newly elected MPAs to the PCDF processes and procedures including assessment issues.

Gina said look at the revenue mobilization issues and strategies, internal controls and audits issues and communication issues and strategies.

He said the orientation and training will for sure give us the courage, the determination and understanding of things that were not aware off in the past. We heard that they were there many years ago, but we didn’t see and understand them as it is in this training.

Gina said that this orientation and training is so timely and really an eye opener for us, especially those who have just join in the provincial government system and processes.

He added that this again a tool to enhance our service delivery to our people.

The official opening was held at the Women Resource Center on Monday with introduction of the programme.

The Orientation and training programme for MPAs, WPG Assembly and HODs was facilitated by the Programme Management Expert of the PGSI Mr Momudou Samaneh and his colleagues from the Ministry.

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