THE owners of the land where Lomlom Airport is located are seeking answers from the government regarding their money.

The government has already spent $6million as payment for landowners, however some of the landowners said they have not received anything.

According to Mr Matthew Mengo of Opoiyolo Tribe, landowners are still unaware of the payments and how the payments were shared.

He said 47 landowners are only aware of receiving $2,500 each from the first payment worth around $1.7 million for Goodwill – a payment Mr Mengo claims that more than $100,000 are missing from.

Mr Mengo adds that a second payment of $3.5 million for Environment damage and ground extraction plus $296,000 for ground breaking which never happened till now are the payments that landowners are still questioning.

He continues to say that annual rental of $40,000 which the government agreed upon sealing the Memorandum of Understanding with the government is also missing.

Mr Mengo said the landowners are confused as to where the money allocated for landowners are at the moment.

He also questions the integrity of Ngaube Landowners Association Committee, the association responsible to look after the landowners.

“We want this association and the government to explain to us about these payments,” Mr Mengo said.

He blamed Ngaube Landowners Association Committee for failing to inform the landowners about these payments.

Mr Mengo said the association has never held any Annual General Meeting, provide Financial Report and also no further consultation with the landowners.

He calls on the government to stop using Ngaube Landowners Association Committee to channel landowner’s money through.

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