What has become of us?

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THE gruesome killing over the weekend of a 50 year old man in Tathiboko in North East Guadalcanal is not acceptable and should not be tolerated.

Issues and reports surrounding the incident does not speak well of the society.

Just a week ago, a perception survey report was launched detailing how people in Solomon Islands perceive peacebuilding, reconciliation and stability but to name a few.

The incident that occurred over the weekend is in contrast to the government’s aim to restore peace and stability in our country.

Nor should the government take lightly such incidences, more-so leaders in North East Guadalcanal.

Just over a year ago, calls were made for the leaders in North East Guadalcanal to address lawlessness and senseless killings. This call was made by an academic of the region.

He cited that over the past several years, three incidents involving blood brothers that resulted in deaths took place while killings and injuries caused by people against their own people also took place along the roads.

What has become of our country or our island of Guadalcanal? Will the perception survey report be just another document shelved to collect dust?

For cases of this sort, how will government intervene to halt or minimize such acts? The launching of the perception survey report must be commended but now it is time for action.

How many more incidents of this sort will happen or how many more bloodshed in family squabbles will take place before we act on our plans? While government strategize, families continue to fight, tribes continue to go to court over land ownership, and people continue to fight each other.

What will be the use of such report if not utilized properly to full fill its purpose?

Government, please do not wait too long to formulate critical key policies to address issues of this sort.

Policies alone will not be able to maintain peace.

Let us not sit on these critical issues hindering peacebuilding or rely on policies to keep the peace. Let us be practical and start doing things now.