Siota PSS holds fundraising to support school rehabilitation



TULAGHI Township enjoyed the weekend as Siota Provincial Secondary School’s (PSS) students entertained them with fundraising purposely for the Premier School’s rehabilitation on infrastructures.

Leading the students according to their programmes was none other than Siota PSS front man and School Principal Fr Patterson Tako.

Siota’s school fundraising kick starting on Friday night comprised of dancing, requests made over competing with amounts of money and selling barbeque foods.

The School Chaplain for Siota Fr Tony Ubara when speaking to Island Sun said that while waiting for the Education Authority of CIP to help the school’s maintenance and so, they are fitting into their programme’s ways to address their school situation.

CIP’s Siota PSS students and Staff carrying out their school fundraising over the weekend at Tulaghi purposely for the Premier School’s rehabilitation on infrastructures. PHOTOS BY MANEBONA BARNABAS

“This is so that we quickly repair classroom buildings, dormitories, Staff houses and other buildings by repainting them and fixing small repairements needed to be done to help us be in a conducing learning environment. Not only the buildings but focusing on improving other areas as well,” clarified the School Chaplain.

According to the school chaplain, the next place for them to carry out fundraising is at Honiara, but that is planned for later this year.

Siota PSS students and their Staff returned yesterday to CIP’s premier school as it is understood that they raised more than $14,000 during their three times entertainment (Friday night, Saturday mid-day and night again).

The students travelling for the fundraising are said to have been students selected from within all the Forms at Siota (one to six) and that they represent all the provinces of Solomon Islands.

It is proven from observation that after facing a downfall over the past years with school examination results and improper leadership, Siota PSS is slowly recovering and improving again this year under the leadership of Fr Patterson Tako.

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