Western waits for lockdown approval

Western Provincial capital Gizo
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PREMIER of Western Province says his executive has endorsed the proposed lockdown but is yet to receive latest information on the progress of the plan.

Speaking to Island Sun Gizo, Christian Burley Mesepitu said Gizo needs to be locked down as positive cases keep climbing.

He said the process has been slow and that helps the virus to spread.

“I remember my executive have endorsed a lockdown and curfew document last week. I’m still waiting for WPDOC to inform my office of the outcome,” Mesepitu said.

“I don’t where the applications at this stage but I hope submission has been done. I believe WPDOC has submitted the applications to National Disaster Committee and the Oversight Committee,” he added.

He stress that there will be a full lock down when the application for lockdown is approved.

Mesepitu also said that curfew will be enforced following the lock down.

“I want to explain that ‘full lock down’ refer to longer period of lockdown. Lockdown will be enforced for up to five or even days.

“Curfews will also be put in place as follow up measures to minimise the spread of virus,” he said.

Mesepitu said longer lockdown period will enable health officials to carry out contact tracing and swabbing.

He adds that longer lockdown will stop unnecessary movement of people within Gizo as well as from nearby Islands to Gizo.

“We have to do this in order to minimise the spread of this virus. I understand that such long lockdown will have an impact to some people but for the good our people and ourselves, we must sacrifice this measures,” Mesepitu said.