Western tourism badly affected

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TOURISM Industry in the Western Province was badly affected due to border restrictions in response to minimizing the spread of COVID-19.

Few operators have local guests visiting their resort while others remain open with no guests.

Tourism Officer of Western Province, Zaza Gina said tourism operators in Western Province are not certain what their future holds.

“Our operators are feeling the impact of COVID-19. I’ve visited some of the operators in Munda and overall respond is that they are badly affected,” she said.

Gina said some of the operators have undergone redundancy while some of the operators established new policies where employees takes turn to work.

“Like Agnes Lodge, they’ve established a policy where employees can take turn to work. Employees will work for certain period then stayed at home for a month for their turn,” she said.

Gina said Agnes Lodge established the policy to help its employees to stay afloat during this time of COVID-19 economic crisis.