West takes serious steps towards Federal system

Western Provincial capital Gizo
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WESTERN Province is taking serious steps to fast-track the state government system.

A special secretariat has been established to accommodate staff who will liaise with the central government in the build up to state government as promised by Prime Minister during his visit to Western Province during their Second Appointed Day last year.

Like the previous regimes dating back to the early 70’s, this government strongly and highly prioritizes the ongoing consultation and intervention required to facilitate the wishes of its people by prioritizing the adoption of the federal system of government.

To reflect the urgency of the matter, the current government has identified and appointed resourced personals, including a full-time secretariat, and has identified an office space by which they will be accommodated to undertake this very important task.

“We have also included a fulltime secretariat in this year’s Manpower and Staff Establishment so that the agenda is vigorously pursued for a better outcome for all of us,” Deputy Premier of Western Province, Ramrakha Talasasa said.

“This establishment will be the first of its kind and it is important to note, that when we say we want change, we facilitate it.

“As much as we would want to see changes happen in our province, we are faced with a lot of challenges that would need to be addressed legislatively, and regulatory,” he added.

Talasasa said Western Provincial recognizes the need to improve regulatory management capacity, compliance matters regarding legislative instruments and the enforcement of its own laws and ordinances, and regulations as such preparation must begin now.

He said the establishment of the proposed compliance and enforcement office, will propel the provincial government’s administration capabilities to a whole new level from an improved legislative competence to a stronger revenue capacity and a well-informed western province public on government regulations and policies.

Talasasa said the government is working closely with the attorney general’s office on this matter.