West Kwara’ae election awareness programmes questioned



VILLAGERS in west Kwara’ae constituency in Malaita province are questioning why some intending candidates for next year’s national general elections are organising awareness programmes in their communities.

They say the timing of the awareness programmes is in breach of the law because no declaration has been made yet by authorities.

The villagers add that when they attended the awareness programmes, they were shocked to find that the intending candidates were actually campaigning for the coming elections.

“We call on for those intending candidates to wait for the right time for those specific programs.

“We also understand that our constituency in west Kwara’ae will have numbers of intending candidates to compete in the upcoming national general election which will be held early next year.”

West Kwara’ae is one of the biggest constituencies in Malaita population wise, and covers part of west Fataleka region, part of east Malaita and part of central Kwara’ae.

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