Welfare and security tops Malaita’s HR priorities



The newly appointed Human Resource manager for Malaita Province Richard Misi.

SECURITY and welfare are the two top priorities as Malaait province welcomes its new human resources manager.

He is Richard Misi, a long time tourism administration officer from the ministry of tourism under the Malaita provincial government.

He was successfully appointed the HR post after the former human resource manager retired.

During an interview with Island Sun news yesterday in Auki, Mr Misi said he will prioritise two areas – the welfare of labourers and security or employees and properties of the Malaitan provincial government.

“My office will deal with the welfare of labors as one priority as it was missing during the past governments.

“As Malaita province starts to expand in its development plans, security is one of the issues that will be prioritised.

“It is a concern especially in the province on the facilities and government owned properties must be safe and protected. Compared to the past years the government own properties and facilities were miss managed and miss handled. My office will try to re-visit the security issues in the province and to improve the welfare of its workers.”

Another issue is to set up the Auki town council authority and its workers to maintain the beautification of Auki town.

“According to our culture, safety and wellbeing is very important for foreigners and visitors that are coming to Malaita province. We will also try to improve the data base especially through linking the chain of communication within employees within the province.”

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