People in Haukona benefit from conservation talk



PEOPLE in Haukona village in the central highlands of Are Are recently held a conservation awareness talk in their area.

The awareness talk was conducted by a team from Wai-Hau Conservation Foundation Inc upon invitation by the Raripaina Biodiversity Conservation Association.

In an interview with Island Sun Auki, Coordinator of Wai-Hau, Mr Flex Naitoro acknowledged members of Raripaina Conservation Association and community members for their participation in the programme.

He said the awareness talk covered four main areas include the importance of conservation, sharing of experience, climate change and carbon trading.

Members of Wai-Hau Conservation Foundation Inc and Raripaina Biodiversity Conservation Association posing for a photo infornt of a leaf-hut in Raripaina Tribal land.

Naitoro explained that the programme is purposely to let people in the area understand the importance of conservation.

“So through our experiences as a conservation organisation, we share with the people the experiences we have on conservation.

“There are other areas like climate change and carbon trading we talk about during the programme for people’s understanding on issues relating to conservation.”

Naitoro said there were lots of commentaries received from the people and they hope to work together and continue pursuing the conservation initiative for Raripaina tribal land.

He said Wai-Hau is always willing to render support on areas of conservation to any interested group, tribal landowner and organisation in Are Are or even the Kwaio region.

Adding that his team is looking forward to a similar kind of awareness with various interested tribal landowners in East Are Are soon.

Naitoro also urged conservation organisations in Are Are and interested groups pursuing conservation to affiliate to Mai-Masina Green Belt, an established organisation that advocates for conservation in Are Are and Kwaio.

He acknowledged Mr Chris Bone of Ocean Watch, MPA Hon Joe Hero’au for their support towards the programme.

He also thanked Raripaina Biodiversity Conservation Association and community members of Haukona for their support and participation in the programme.

Villagers of Haukona who are part of the recent conservation awareness program co-facilitated by Wai-Hau and Raripaina at Haukona village.

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