We will not let go the fight against covid: PS McNeil


PERMANENT Secretary for ministry of health Pauline McNeil has assured the nation that her ministry and its partners will not let go the fight against covid-19.

“We want to ensure all our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) don’t have loop holes and gaps that anything can happen and so we are not ready to let go our fight against covid-19.

“I would say we should not let our guides down we are not ready yet, we are not out of the wounds yet,” Mrs McNeil said.

She said the first cases recorded in PNG is a lesson for the country because four cases happened in PNG occurred in their laboratory that is why the ministry will still be reviewing, refreshing and restrengthening its SOPs.

“We don’t know what the cause as to why break out at the lab but it’s a lesson for us where we will not be complacent basically on our SOPs,” said McNeil.

Further to that, Secretary to Prime Ministers Jimmy Rodgers said, “we are in much better place now when the state of emergency declared.

“It is better to protect it better to take measures that are safe.

“Now we know quite a bit more, the more you all know the better it is to protect our country.

“Hence, when people know they will be little sceptical about people coming in.

“We will do everything we can to prevent it from coming but if it comes, we want to make sure it is picked up at the border.”

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