We are pumped, ready for show: Big Mountain


BIG Mountain has arrived in the country and will again bring relaxing, uplifting and mesmerising reggae vibes to the Solomon Islands when they perform live at Heritage carpark area this Saturday.

Speaking to the press on Thursday, the American reggae band’s lead vocalist, Joaquin McWhinney, also known as “Quino” expressed that they will perform for at least two hours but if people want more they will play more.

He said this is their second time to come over to Solomon Islands to perform.

Quino said during their first time here, they didn’t know what to expect but were really surprised at how receptive the crowd was.

Heritage Park Hotel’s Event Manager, Bradford Hepponstall welcomes Big Mountain at Henderson airport.

“The crowd was very receptive, the energy was very strong. It is relaxing and a reception like that inspires us,” he said.

Quino mentioned that they feel comfortable to perform with no boundaries and that is what they want to do.

“We try to give people a full performance so we can walk away feeling better about ourselves, our culture,” he said.

Quino also voiced that their songs are not just love songs but songs with positive reggae vibes to uplift people, encourage and inspire them.

He mentioned that in a way, the music and songs they make is like medicine for the people, giving the positivity amidst challenges or situations they are facing.

When asked if the band was ready for the show, drummer, Paul Kastick excitedly said they are pumped and ready for the show.

“We are pumped, we are pumped, we are ready. It’s gonna be hype,” he said.


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