We are not backing down: taskforce


TASKFORCE for border and ethnic tension related claims is adamant that they will not back down until their demands are met by government.

Mr Henry B Kahui, chairman of the taskforce committee speaking to Island Sun yesterday morning, said that they have arranged for a meeting to take place later in the afternoon at Children’s Park, Rove.

Moreover, Kahui voiced that they had submitted a notice to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) twice, yet did not receive any positive response from the office.

He explained that the first notice was given on March 19.

Kahui added that due to no response they extended the notice for a further 14 days period which ended on April 5.

He stressed that government still made no response either for a dialogue or round table discussion hence the meeting will cater for discussions on the next course of action they will take.

The chairman also mentioned they had issued a letter to PMO on March 19 and one to the Attorney General’s office the next day.

Kahui furthered that the meeting will be held so that they can discuss the options to take and voiced that they will not back down from the government.

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