Warriors qualify for champions league

Marist moves into second spot

By Taromane Martin

SOLOMON Warriors FC has secured their spot for next year’s Oceania

Football Confederation (OFC) Champions League.

S/Warriors secured their spot for the champion’s league over the weekend despite losing 2-1 on Saturday to TSL defending champions Marist FC who are also fighting for a champions league spot .

Despite suffering their second loss this season, the Moses Toata S/Warriors coached side claimed their spot after second spot contenders KOSSA FC and Henderson Eels FC drew 2-2 in their match yesterday.

Despite being the first to qualify from Solomon Islands, it will be until the final TSL match that the winner and runner up will be confirmed with all top four clubs set to play big matches this weekend.

H/Eels Head Coach Christopher Asipara admitted he was disappointed with their draw however says they will continue to fight until the season ends.

“To be realistic, our hopes of finishing in second place will depend very much on the outcome of the other team’s matches, if we are to qualify for champions league,” he told Sun SPORTS yesterday.

“We played a very good game but unfortunately our finishing today was not that good and it costed us with the draw today.

“Our boys were very good, but unfortunately it was not a good day for us and I was not satisfied with our finishing today,” he adds.

And with Warriors and Western United up next for Henderson Eels FC, Coach Asipara said they hope something better will come out as they continue to work hard for their remaining two matches.

“We are not giving up yet. We will be still fighting until our final match. I feel the current the squad is okay but we need to step up on certain areas if we are to qualify for the champions’ league,” he adds.

Meanwhile KOSSA FC Head Coach Eddie Marahare said he is satisfied with their campaign this season and have proved they are also competition favourites despite no one picking them as one when the season started.

“Even though I’m disappointed with the draw, the result today is a fair one for us,” Coach Marahare said

“When the season started I think nobody predicted us to be favorites and all along I have never talked about qualifying for the O-League but only on improving together as a team which I think we have managed to achieve,” Coach Marahare said.

“So the result today is a fair one for us, having played against Eels who have a lot of big names from PNG and here in their squad.

“Now other teams will realize that we are also contenders for the Champions League but as far I’m concerned we have achieved some of our aim as a club and will continue with our momentum and our game intensity for our remaining matches,” he said.

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