Warriors fly out

By Taromane Martin

TELEKOM Soccer League champions Solomon Warriors FC have left the country yesterday for Tahiti for the start of their Group B OFC Champions League competition.

Warriors are in Group B alongside Vanuatu’s Erakor Golden Stars FC, AS Lossi FC of New Caledonia and AS Dragon of Tahiti.

Warriors will transit at Brisbane, flying via Auckland before making their way over to Pape’ete for their group matches.

Despite being satisfied with the improvement shown by his side during their double friendly match win over fellow Champions League qualifiers Marist FC, Toata said his side still needs to improve a little more before their first match, next week.

“We go for one week and have three games in that week which for me is a bit too much

“I will try my best with the little time we have to work on areas I think needs improvement before the competition kicks off.

“Just on very small things which in football can be a problem and can haunt you if not fixed,” Toata said.

Solomon Warriors FC will play Erakor Golden Stars of Vanuatu in their first match on February 12, followed by AS Lossi on February 13 before taking on AS Dragon in their final match on February 15.

Solomon Warriors travelling squad:

1.Abraham Izomo Bird 2.Joseph Line Komu 3.Hasddis Aengari Gagame 4.Fred Fakari 5.Milton Bata Furai 6.Allen Peter 7.Emmanuel Poila 8.John Alick 9.Judd Molea 10.Molea Tigi 11.Augustine Samani 12.Jerry Lou Donga 13.Gibson Samo Daudau 14.Albert Fakaia Witney 15.Kensi Tangis 16.Ian Hugh Paia 17.Gagame Feni


  1. Jason Thomas 19.Matson Feni 20.Loea Mani Taisara 21.Harry Masae and 22.Rolland Mamanika

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