Gun-point issue solved

AMA University
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Solomon Islands students in AMA University return to classes after a disturbing week


THE ‘Philippines Scare’ has reportedly settled after Solomon Islands students and the unhappy group of Filipinos reconciled last week.

Last week, parents and guardians of students studying at the AMA University in the Philippines were horrified to read on social media that a group of armed men had entered into a student’s home and held him at gun point.

It was posted on the popular local Facebook forum, the Yumi Toktok Forum, that the incident was the result to an alleged harassment of a local Filipina by a Solomon Islands student.

Speaking with Island Sun, few students confirmed that the group of masked men had held the student at gun point.

They add that the student who was held at gun point was also innocent – not the student involved in the harassment incident.

The incident occurred during a night-out by a group of Solomon Islands students to a popular snooker establishment (which Solomon Islands students usually frequent).

The student at the centre of the problem had reportedly flashed his private part to the woman who owned the place.

However, unbeknown to the student, the woman had videotaped his lewd actions in a hidden security body-camera.

Few days later, the woman, who is reportedly a well-known friend to many Solomon Islands students, circulated the video clip of the boy flashing her his private parts among the students.

It is believed that the woman’s relatives might have somehow got hold of the video, thus reacted with the gun-point incident.

The identity of the masked men are still unknown, according to Island Sun informants.

“We are all glad that the incident can now be put behind us, and we can concentrate on our studies.

“Last week had been quite traumatizing and we did not focus properly on our studies, but we are returning to normalcy, so thank God.”

Meanwhile, students appeal to the government to set up strict policies on student behaviour and ambassadorship when studying in the Philippines.

They say this latest incident is not the first of its kind, citing that several incident have already taken place over the years which have painted a negative image of Solomon Islands there.

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