Wanna join the army?

ABC reports that while the Army wants to lure 1,000 personnel, the Royal Navy is hoping for 300 more people and the RAF expects to take on 50.( Getty )
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Solomon Islanders can now join the British Military



SOLOMON Islanders and other citizens of Commonwealth countries can now join the British Military.

In the past, other nationals wanting to sign up for the British military must reside in the United Kingdom (UK) for five years. Now the rules had been loosened.

Speaking to Island Sun on Friday, Deputy Head of Mission, British High Commission (BHC) says with the opening of this new programme, Solomon Islanders can also apply to work in the British military.

He says Solomon Islanders will be competing with citizens of other commonwealth countries. However if one has belief in him or herself, there is nothing stopping him or her to apply.

Mr Paul Dryden told Island Sun, in this current programme, the British military is looking for 1000 personnel.

“They will be advertising on their websites. There are three separate websites. There is the British Army Website, the Royal Navy website and the RAF website.”

ABC reports that while the Army wants to lure 1,000 personnel, the Royal Navy is hoping for 300 more people and the RAF expects to take on 50.

At the same time, Dryden says, there is no funding for this. Except a call for applications where due process will be adhered.

Dryden says interested Solomon Islanders must take note that all costs to UK must be borne by the applicant including other expenses pertaining to this process of application.

He says the BHC also has no part to play in this recruitment but can only assist in giving out information about the UK.

He however said a career in the military is a good one, as there are different roles in the military that one can apply for.

He said those wishing to seek a career in the military should check the websites of the three different military setting.

“Probably some qualification and a proficiency in the English language are requirements. There could be other requirements depending on the job or a need of some sort of qualification or not. A lucrative offer but a costly one,” Dryden says

Dryden then wishes Solomon Islanders who wishes to apply for a career in the British Military all the best and encourages them to go to the websites to know more about the programme.

It was reported by overseas media that the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force have struggled to recruit sufficient numbers from within the UK and by next year all roles and ranks are open to citizens — older than 18 — from all Commonwealth countries.

More than 4,500 Commonwealth citizens, from countries including Australia, Fiji, Ghana, South Africa and Jamaica are already in the ranks of the British Armed Forces.

Solomon Islands has been a member of the Commonwealth ever since it gained Independence from Great Britain in 1978.