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SINU no longer accept MPs funding arrangement, G-province tops list



AS of 2019, Solomon Islands National University (SINU) will no longer accept any sponsorship of students through Constituency Funding arrangements from MPs.

In a statement issued to the public, SINU says this decision was made by the Senior Management Committee of SINU.

“This is to control untimely or non-payment of fees under these arrangements”.

The statement says, under these funding arrangements, MPs must pay the students fees in full or pay 60 percent upfront payment.

Of this brunt, Guadalcanal province was axed the most, where SINU will no longer accept sponsorship from their funding arrangements.

“All students, both new and continuing, will have to pay during registration the full fee or sixty percent upfront of the total. Only students who met any of these two payment options will be allowed to enrol next year,” the statement said.

Recently, SINU was lenient to students but was faced with a dilemma when the students’ fees were not paid.

The university needs the funds for their operations and when the students’ fees were held up, services and operations were also affected.

Because of this, as of the upcoming academic year, SINU will be strict when it comes to sponsorship of students fees through.

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