Wale urges gov’t to create jobs


OPPOSITION Leader Matthew Wale is urging government to focus its economic policy on job creation.

Speaking at the special adjournment in Parliament on Wednesday, Wale said there is much more, even in these covid times that they can do to create jobs in our economy.

He said families and households are struggling to merely put food on the table.

“Young people coming out of the school’s system have no realistic hope of finding meaningful work.

“This is not the time to stand back and watch what may or may not happen,” he said.

Furthermore, Wale said CEMA revitalization must not destroy the already vibrant private sector participation in the commodities sector.

In addition, Wale said the land policy needs coherence.

“At the very basic level traditional customary rights must be secured.

“Tribes need to have confidence that their inalienable rights will not be vulnerable,” he said.

“However, there are some rights to use of land that are alienable.

“Reforms must ensure security both to tribes of inalienable rights, and security to investors of alienable rights,” he said.

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