Wale calls for sharing of resources

Leader of Opposition, Matthew Wale
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OPPOSITION Leader Matthew Wale wants to see decentralisation of resources to the provinces and not Honiara only.

Speaking on the special adjournment motion in Parliament on Wednesday, Wale said decentralised government – Honiara cannot continue to control the governance of the entire country.

He said the result has been that most resources have ended up in Honiara.

“It appears we are in a limbo at present with no sense of direction on this important policy matter.

“We must not, however, create a system of government that will be too expensive for our economy to afford and therefore doom it to failure,” he said.

Furthermore, Wale said the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report and its recommendations now need to be dealt with by Parliament.

“Government has had a very long time to process and decide how it plans to address the recommendations, and it would be good for Parliament to exercise its oversight of that,” he said.