Police condemn rape of student in Auki


Police have condemned the alleged rape of a 16-year-old student in Auki, Malaita on October 2.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, Commissioner Mostyn Mangau said police will continue to remind public especially young boys and men to respect girls and women as they are more vulnerable to sexual assaults and harassment inside the communities.

Mangau said the victim is a student at one of the schools in Malaita; according to reports supplied from police in Auki, prior to the incident the victim and her cousin sister boarded a public bus to Auki town and met up with the suspect in one of the shops at Auki.

It was at the shop the suspect asked for the victim’s phone number in order for him to send her mobile credits.

The victim gave her mobile number to the suspect.

The suspect also told the victim to call him should she need transport to return home.

Mangau said around 2pm, the suspect himself called the victim’s phone number and asked her if she wanted to be dropped home, there the victim and her cousin sister went to the bus stop and the suspect came and picked them up.

Mangau said the suspect then gave some money to the victim’s cousin sister telling her to go and buy ice-cream; it was when the cousin sister went out to buy ice-cream, the suspect took off with the victim inside the vehicle.

The victim tried to open the door but could not, the suspect drove off with her to Ambu main road and raped her there.

Mangau also said according to police report from Auki the suspect and victim are related.

Mangau also said investigation still continue and calling on people around Auki and Ambu to support police in their investigation.

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