Wale hails increase local recruitment at games project.

A Chinese worker teaching local workers how to assemble reinforcement.
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OPPOSITION leader Mathew Wale has thanked the People’s Republic of China and CCECC for employing and training locals under the National Stadium Project.

This was in response to Ambassador Li Ming’s statement on the progress of the National Stadium Project for next year’s Pacific Games.

According to Ambassador Ming, the project is now employing 370 locals with the intention of also absorbing students and new graduates.

Responding to the press release, Wale said in a statement that this is welcoming news.

“Given these hard times, the jobs provided by PRC and CCECC is a great assistance to Solomon Islanders,” Wale said.

However, Wale calls on the PRC and CCECC to employ more locals than planned.

“Whilst acknowledging the already 370 employed locals, I urge PRC and CCECC to increase the number given the dire state of our economy.

“This increase should be part of their social contribution towards this nation.”

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