Vunagi: gender abuse everywhere


GOVERNOR General Sir David Vunagi has highlighted in his new year’s message that the recurrence of domestic violence, rape and abuse of girls and women is happening everywhere.

“This shows that we have failed to address the combination of behavior and cultural attitudes of perpetrators,” Vunagi said.

He said the 16 Days of Activism against Gender- based violence that is celebrated every year from 25 November to 10 December does not impact the society.

“I think awareness alone is not enough. What is required is better-informed and pragmatic responses from all stakeholders including women and girls that touch the hearts of perpetrators,” Vunagi said.

He also said the recurrence of an undesirable attitude from some close relatives that dehumanise daughters or granddaughters, the incest practice is destroying the cultural equilibrium and what is regarded as ‘normal life’ within the family. 

The effects show a range of attitudinal behaviours that create emotional, physical and perceptional response to life.

“When communities are weak in their moral and ethical standing, they start to develop ‘a no care attitude’ towards respect for relationships, and so lawlessness and chaos become the results.

“Therefore, I think, Lawlessness continues to happen not because people choose to randomly commit crimes but also because law enforcing agencies are not enforcing the law,” Vunagi adds.


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