Voters reminded to vote wisely

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By Mike Puia

AS the countdown for national general elections polling day continues, voters have been reminded to vote wisely.

Casper Diau, a former employee of Solomon Islands Development Trust (SIDT), said this time round voters must show responsibility by voting people with integrity to lead.

Diau said it’s a concern that poor decision when voting has responsible for the country’s inability to move forward.

He said there are issues so important to the development of this country yet leaders fail to deal with.

An example provided is investment.

Diau said it is clear that in order for this country to develop, locals should own businesses and land.

Yet, he said foreigners do leaving locals to become strangers in their own country.

“Foreigners have occupied the city leaving no room for locals yet leaders sit back and watch,” Diau said.

He said foreigners should come and used assets that belong to locals.

Diau said the upcoming election is an opportunity for voters to make wise decisions that would move the country forward.

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