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Climate change impacts women in rural Northeast Guadalcanal

Kaio women’s saving club President, Virginia Poa.


Kaio women’s saving club President, Virginia Poa.

CLIMATE change is affecting women in rural areas of Northeast Guadalcanal and how they earn money, it is reported.

A woman from NE Guadalcanal, Virginia Poa, who is president of Kaio women’s saving club in Tasimboko area told Island Sun at Tasimboko earlier this week how climate change has and is affecting how they earn income to help support their families, other needs as well their savings.

Poa said when it rains, water supply is disrupted causing some of their members to fall ill.

She adds that when this happens they are unable to go to their gardens, all the more harvest and sell their crops, the main source of income for members of Kaio Women’s saving club.

Flooding was also emphasised as a challenge for the women whose gardens are also located near the river.

Poa says when flooding takes course, they are left with no crops to sell as they are washed away by heavy currents and travelling to the capital during that time is impossible.

While this remains a challenge for the women, Poa mentioned that water supply remains a major issue in her community.

She expressed that some of them have water tanks, some fetch water from a water well while others have to travel far from the village just to get water.

Kaio women’s saving club was established last year and members have begun saving from what they earn from the sale of root crops, fruits and vegetables at Honiara’s Central Market.

At times, they sell their produce at schools or organised community markets.

Poa furthers that what is earned at the end of the day goes towards towards family needs, their savings, children’s school fees and church contributions.

“We save fortnightly. Some members save up to 300 and others save $10 or more. The amount each member saves varies,” she said.