Voters accuse MP of inhuman treatment


FIVE voters of Gizo Kolombangara have accused their Member of Parliament, Lanelle Tanangada, over what they described as “inhuman treatment” towards them while in Honiara.

This after Tanangada reportedly refused to meet them on five occasions at her home and office to discuss their issues.

Spokesperson for the group, Ishmael Ropu said they came to Honiara in August to seek assistance from their MP to assist 14 boys in the constituency to get passports in order to travel and work in Australia under the Seasonal Labour Scheme.

He said it is important to help the boys engaged in useful activities than leaving them in engage in anti-social behaviour in the village.

“When we went to her home, she refused to meet us but instead sent her cleaner to talk to us,” Ropu claimed.

“She even did not give us water to drink at her home,” he added.

Ropu said this is very disrespectful because Tanangada, who is also the Minister of Education and Human Resources, should at least come out and hear their request.

“The MP is our in-law.

“The attitude she displays is not respectful because some of us come from the line of chiefs and leaders,” he said.

Ropu said the MP only gave them $400 to pay things during the lockdown period.

He said how can someone survive with $400 in the town.

“Some of us borrowed money to come to town,” he said.

Ropu said it is very shameful because the MP for South New Georgia, Rendova Tetepare, Danny Philip, and MP West New Georgia-Vona Vona, Silas Tausinga have assisted them during their stay in town.

In addition, Ropu, who owns Pine Metal Work that make iron, cooking platform, cloth line and coconut husk, said he sought assistance from their MP to compensate the costs of his business.

“I spent about $17, 470 to make the products and share to some friends in Gizo for free.

“I sent a proposal to our Constituency Development Officer for an assistance of $18,000 to support me in my business because I do it for the people,” he said.

However, Ropu said the CDO told him that there was no application received by the office.

As such, Ropu said in the coming election, the MP is likely to expect an unpleasant reception if she ever turns up at Kena, Hunda and Pine villages.

“We are ready to confront her in the upcoming election campaign,” he said.

Ropu claimed during her term, there was no development like sanitations and others in the three villages.

He said most of the developments were made by the people in the villages without the support of their MP.

“What our MP said during the last election campaign are just empty promises.

“So, this election we are thinking of shifting our votes to another candidate,” he said.

Island Sun sent a text to Minister Tanangada but has not receive any reply from her yesterday.

She also rejected a call we made to her mobile phone.

However, CDO for Gizo Kolombangara, Harold Amiki said there is no money from the Government receive by his office to assist the people.

He said they are still waiting for Government grants.

Amiki said they only received education grant, which was already distributed to recipients.

Island Sun understand MP Tanangada has arrived back in Honiara after attending the sixth National Education Conference in Gizo last week.

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