Volcanic ash covers Temotu province



TEMOTU province is continuing to experience heavy downfall of volcanic ash believed to be from the Tinakula volcano, according to the Met office in Honiara.

The Met services described the downfall as like rain which has filled the sky.

The Solomon Islands Meteorological Services in Honiara revealed that the information received from a correspondent that the ash are from the Tinakula volcanic.

This are based on the wind movement coming from Tinakula region and covered whole Temotu province although it might suspected to be from the Vanuatu volcanic eruption.

As of yesterday, Information Island Sun received from Met said, Tinakula volcano’s situation gives no sign for eruption, or any serious outlook for eruption.

Met said, only serious situation is Temotu continues to experienced downfall fall of volcanic ash, and people are worry as it would affects their daily livelihood on days ahead if it still continues.

Since the situation has no sign of eruption, Met said, at the moment people surrounding Tinakula remains as there is no possibility of eruption has received from the Met office Lata to Honiara.

Outlook for the next 24 hours, MET are still not sure, but advices are people encourage staying indoors and preventing themselves as they continue to monitor the situation.

Currently, there is no assessment carryout yet from the NDMO due to transport difficulties.

According to Solomon Airlines, with result from eruption and subsequent as cloud, on Saturday, flight to Santa Cruz was cancel due to unpredictable situation of nature.

We cannot advice when the flights will be reinstated, Airlines said.

 As always, the safety of our staff and passengers will be our first priority when considering options,” Airlines said.

Tinakula volcano is located north of Santa Cruz which is approximately 35km from Lata, Temotu Province.

Met services in Honiara and Lata will continue to monitor the situation.

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