Village forum set for Mangakiki

By Mike Puia

THE Guadalcanal provincial government and the Solomon Islands Development Trust (SIDT) will hold a village forum at Mangakiki Village on West Guadalcanal today.

People living in and around Mangakiki Village will have the chance to sit down with representatives of their local government, the national government, non-governmental organisations and donors to talk about their issues of concern and their plans to move their community forward.

SIDT has been taking the village forum initiative to different parts of the country. The one day forum is organised under SIDT’s governance program that has been running in Mangakiki Village since 2017.

Mangakiki and nearby villages will have the opportunity to sit down and have open discussions with their leaders and representatives from non-governmental organisations and donors.

The forum aims to find ways to bridge the gap between village leaders, national leaders and stakeholders in terms of planning together to meet the aspiration and dreams of villagers from Mangikiki and nearby villages.

The official opening will involve speeches from provincial and national leaders followed by presentations by villagers.

The presentations by villagers will outline their issues and action plans. Other presentations will come from non-governmental organisation and donor representatives.

A panel will respond to issues raised by communities and their proposals.

The forum promised to empower the people at Savulei ward through sharing of information and through the establishment of links.

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