Verbal autopsy stands to help medical work in SI



THE project of civil registration and vital statistic especially on verbal autopsy will help improve necessary areas of work on diseases in the country.

The project is being implemented in the country with the aim of gathering data on diseases causing death or probable cause of death in the country.

Data for Health Country Coordinator of WHO, Mr Rodley Ruskin said there should be a marked improvement in death certifying in the country after the project.

This is because health practitioners have been trained on what to do.

He says that by collecting data on deaths in the country it will help them find out diseases responsible for deaths in the country.

“As long as we collect enough data we can do analysis of the data and put up the top 10 causes of death in the country.

“So it will list in descending order with diseases responsible for more deaths at the top and going down.

“The data will show us the information and from there we will identify health areas need for more work to be done on them.”

Ruskin said the aim of the project is to provide information to donor partners and government to allocate resources on the right health related areas based the findings.

“For example, rather than spending resources on health areas not really matter, we spend it on areas that cause more death.

“So the finding as the result of this work will guide on what to put priority on and what is less.”

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