Drop in HIV testing in SI


THE number of people undergoing test for Human Immuno-deficiency (HIV) has declined by half last year, it is reported.

MINISTRY of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) in its 2017 Health Core Indicator Report stated the number tests for HIV cases in Solomon Islands has declined significantly from 6,760 in 2016 to just 3,531 in 2017.

Between 2016 and 2017, an average of 4,900 tests were performed each year with a positive rate of 0.3 percent.

This means that on average, less than 2 people tested positive for HIV in the Solomon Islands each year, according to the report.

While this number is low, it is likely to be influenced by considerable under-reporting of new or suspected cases due to low numbers being tested (less than one percent of the total population).

Meanwhile, a HIV-positive test per year in the country is becoming a core indicator for the Solomon Islands to ensure 2030 agendas are achieved.

HIV and AIDS have become major public health problems in many countries, and both the SDGs and UN General Assembly special session on HIV and AIDS (UNGASS) have set goals for reducing HIV prevalence.

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