Vave eyes ‘missed’ development for Shortlands


Member of Parliament for Shortlands has promised to address missed opportunities his constituency has encountered for the ‘past 10 or so years’.

While acknowledging accomplishments done by his predecessors, MP Isikeli Vave expressed there are ‘other significant opportunities’ his constituency has missed over the past decade.

He expressed concerns that while the rest of the country has progressed, Shortlands constituency has not received its fair share of development initiatives.

Vave made the statement during the Sine Die Motion tabled on the floor of Parliament which concluded on Monday this week.

Highlighting specific issues, Vave pointed out the lack of support for Shortlands residents in engaging with the labour mobility scheme, a programme that has transformed lives elsewhere in the country.

He lamented the absence of leadership in promoting participation in this scheme, which could provide life-changing opportunities for many in his constituency.

He further added sports development is also one the forgotten aspects in youth building capacity in his entire constituency.

Vave stress since there’s no sports activities in place, playing fields have now turned into paddocks and farming activities.

Vave reveals the demographic landscape of Shortlands constituency, primarily consisting of young people ranging from 15 to 35 years of age.

“Youths are the future leaders and should be given the test of responsibility and not letting them strangle in their own,” he said.

Furthermore, Vave highlighted the lack of focus on women’s development programs in the constituency over the past decade.

He emphasised the importance of empowering women and ensuring they have equal access to opportunities that could contribute significantly to community advancement.

Shortlands constituency however is situated at the border of the Solomon Islands and Bougainville, and is one of eight constituencies in the Western Province.

Its unique geographical location presents both challenges and opportunities that Vave is determined to leverage for the benefit of his constituents.

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