Ramofafia urges move towards graduation from LDC by 2027


MEMBERS of Parliament (MPs) have been urged to work together to ensure Solomon Islands graduate from Least Developed Country (LDC) status by 2027.

Minister of the National Planning and Development Coordination, Rexon Ramofafia, emphasised this during a parliamentary session on Monday.

He highlighted that such joint effort is important to prevent the country from relapsing after achieving graduation in 2027, stressing the urgent need for the government to increase investment in the country’s development priorities.

As part of the Government for National Unity and Transformation (GNUTs) 100 days program, the government aims to complete the review of the National Development Strategy 2016-2035.

Ramofafia underscored that this review is important to strengthen the country’s engagement and align its priorities with development partners.

He explained that over the past five years, 85 percent of development fundings have been allocated to address the NDS objective 1) Sustainable inclusive economic growth and NDS objective 5) Unified nation with stable and effective governance and public order.

However, Ramofafia acknowledged significant challenge in addressing NDS objective 2) Poverty alleviated across the whole of the Solomon Islands, basic needs addressed and food security improved; benefits of development more equitably distributed NDS Objective 3) All Solomon Islanders have access to quality health and education and NDS Objective 4) Resilient and environmentally sustainable development with effective disaster risk management, response and recovery.

Additionally, Ramofafia stressed that his ministry role is to ensure the government policies and budgets implemented in ways suited to address the development needs of the country.

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