Varley condemns gov’t officials breaking law


THE Police Commissioner has lashed out at government officials who break the law of Solomon Islands.

Matthew Varley says that government officials should be role models in upholding the law of this country.

Speaking in his weekly media conference, he said it is disappointing to see government officials breaking the law of this country.

Recently a senior police officer, senior official from the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and an officer of the Ministry of Forest were involved in drink driving accidents.

He said he had been giving many messages over recent months about drink driving because it is dangerous and a risk to the community right across Solomon Islands, particularly in Honiara and traffic officers are out there every day making sure people are not drink-driving.

“The message is very clear if you drink don’t drive and if you are going to drive don’t drink the limit of alcohol in a person’s blood is 0.05 percent and above that you are breaking the law and you will be arrested and prosecuted and taken to court,” Mr Varley said.

“The three very serious cases happened recently of people breaking that law is not good

“I am not happy with that, we have got three cases of officials in government vehicles of government department including the police force breaking the law.”

He also said that the senior police officer have been suspended and he also acknowledges the work of the young traffic officers in having the courage in professionally dealing with the case of the senior police officer.

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