3 bills ready for parliament

By Gary Hatigeva

THE government is looking to bring 12 legislations before parliament for tabling and hoping to get them passed and enacted.

Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela in his press conference yesterday revealed that with the legislative outlined, the government has scheduled three sittings where they are hoping to address the legislations.

The Prime Minister said so far, three bills are now ready before the Bills and Legislative Committee (BLC) and waiting to be presented before parliament.

These bills include the 2018 National Budget Appropriation Bill, which Prime Minister Hou said should have been submitted to the BLC, and the Prescription of Minister’s Amendment Bill 2017.

Hou confirmed that reports from the BLC on the Prescription of Minister’s Amendment Bill 2017 and is now ready to be introduced in the remaining schedule of the 10th Parliament House.

Hou added that the government is also anticipating the introduction of the Whistle Blowers Bills 2017, which he said is also ready for it tabling.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister revealed that another three set of bills are still before the BLC and only waiting for reports on them to be completed and maybe introduced in Parliament.

The bills includes the Strata Titles Bill 2017, the Anti-Corruption Bill 2017 and the Constitution (Amendment) (Electoral Reform) Bill 2016.

With the Strata Titles Bill 2017, the PM confirmed that the government only awaits its report which is now at its drafting stage.

As for the Anti-corruption Bill 2017, the government is keen on getting it dealt with as soon as possible and added that it is a piece of legislation that remained high on the government’s priority focus, but will depend very much on how fast it can be ready for its introduction in Parliament.

However, four other bills are said to be at their drafting stages and the government is hoping to also include them in their three meeting schedule.

“We are hoping that as soon as the Bills and Legislative Committee put forward reports on what we need to do with them (Bills) so we would factor them inside whatever sitting that we will be in,” the Prime Minister said.

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