Vaccination continues in Auki

Relocation of Central Field Vaccination centre from NDMO office to Auki town adjacent to Auki Magistrate Court.
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Auki’s Central field vaccination centre at the NDMO office has relocated into the heart of Auki town and began operation yesterday.

The relocation of the centre is for the travelling public to access the service with ease rather than going up to NDMO office which is some distance from the town.

Chairman of EOC for covid-19 Malaita, Dr Rex Maukera told this to the paper yesterday.

“Vaccination has begun in Auki town and will continue for the generation public especially eligible population.

“With that, I would like to call on those who are yet to get their vaccines to do so to protect everyone from covid-19 as face with the current situation,” he said.

Maukera said this is important so that the provincial populace can be shielded should there be second wave.

On that note, he said the Pfizer and booster vaccines are yet in Honiara and will also roll out in the province as long as they arrive in Auki.

He warned that although the virus is portraying signs of reverse from the province, the virus is still out there and everyone must take their jab.

This paper witnessed good number of people had got their jabs during the first day of vaccination yesterday.