USP launches new BA programme


THE University of the South Pacific (USP) School of Pacific Arts, Communication & Education (SPACE), in collaboration with the School of Business and Management (SBM), has launched a brand-new Bachelor of Arts (BA) Programme.

The new programme, ‘BA in Communication and Media’, will be starting in Semester 2, 2021.

It is a 24-course programme that combines courses from Journalism, Linguistics, Marketing and Management with a specialist subject in a field of your choice.

USP’s Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics Dr Fiona Willans and Journalism Programme Coordinator Dr Shailendra Singh informed Island Sun that the programme also gets students ‘workplace-ready’ with job application training, a workplace attachment, and a range of digital, communication and research skills built in.

“You can use the specialist subject either to target a communications role in a particular field (e.g. Pacific Heritage and Arts, Marine Science, Inclusive Education, Nutrition …), or to target a range of roles in NGOs or civil society organisations (e.g. Politics, Sociology, Governance …), or to pick up additional skills that look good on your CV (e.g. a new language or useful business skills), or simply to follow your love and study a subject that you’re passionate or inquisitive about, safe in the knowledge that a BA in Communication & Media will open doors to a wide range of jobs,” said Dr Willans.

Applications are now open and new students may join the programme in Semester 2 this year.

Continuing students may switch to this programme and cross-credit any courses they have already completed.

The programme requirements for the BA Communication & Media include UU100 -Communications & Information Literacy, UU114-English for Academic Purposes, JN101 – Introduction to Journalism, JN103-Media Law & Ethics, LN111-Introduction to Language Studies, MG101 Introduction to Management and two courses at 100-level from an approved specialist subject.

In the 200-level or year 2, students will undertake UU200 -Ethics & Governance, UU204-Pacific Worlds, JN201-Print & Online Journalism, LN216-Language Use in the 21st Century Pacific, MG206-Marketing Principles & Strategies plus 1 or 2 of: JN202-Radio Broadcasting, JN203-Television Journalism, LN211-Structure of English plus either 1 or 2 courses at 200-level from the specialist subject.

In the 300-level, students will take JN303-Journalism Production, LN317-Qualitative Analysis of Texts, MG303-International Marketing plus 3 or 4 further courses from: JN301-International Journalism, JN302-Journalism Research, LN311-English in the Pacific, LN315-Corpus Linguistics & Language Technologies and MG301 Management of Service Operation plus either 1 or 2 courses at 300-level from the specialist subject.

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