US eyes fostering stronger partnership with SI, says non-resident ambassador


The United States government says it is fully committed to fostering a stronger partnership and shared future with the Solomon Islands.

Non-Resident Ambassador to Solomon Islands Ann Marie Yastishock echoed the above sentiment in a press roundtable briefing recently held in Honiara.

“We as the US government we are fully committed to fostering a stronger partnership with the Solomon Islands.

“The history of our people was forged not from war but from peace and is categorised cooperation shared values of freedom and democracy and celebration of diversity,” Yastishock said.

She said her aim is to focus on the shared future between United States and Solomon Islands.

“My aim is to focus on shared future work together to confront the challenges of the present day as our Embassy grows here, I eagerly anticipate collaborating on strategies to foster inclusive sustainable and transparent economic growth,” she said.

Yastishock stressed the US government remains committed to closely elevate the role of women across all sectors, promoting economic empowerment and helping communities build resilience in the face of climate change.

She said the US is again dedicated in encouraging an open free economy inclusive of the whole population, the Solomon Islands growing population here and showing demand for home grown sustainable opportunities requires both investment and ingenuity

“I am confident together we can deploy both while safeguarding the abundant natural resources to improve the livelihoods of our citizens,” Yastishock said.

She said US government’s third area of focus here in Solomon Islands is climate change which is an existential threat and the US is deeply committed to addressing it.

“We understand that Solomon Islands shares an unequal burden of the consequences of climate change. The US is dedicated to supporting Solomon Islands’ needs for improved climate resilient, disaster response, biodiversity, adaptation capacity and renewable energy,” Yastishock said.

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