Urgent call for increased Police presence in Kukum compound

Dear Editor,As a student attending USP and a concerned Solomon Islander, I am writing to address the urgent issue of escalating violence in Kukum compound. Over the past few months, Kukum has witnessed a disturbing increase in violent crimes, including murder cases on 17 March, 12 May, and 17 May, as well as thefts along the highway and assaults on innocent people. This surge in criminal activities has left residents feeling unsafe and deeply concerned.

Our local law enforcement (RSIPF) must respond to this crisis by increasing their patrols in Kukum. A stronger police presence is essential to deter criminals and provide residents with a sense of security. Regular patrols and increased visibility can prevent crime and help apprehend those responsible.

Furthermore, I urge the police department to carry out community policing initiatives. Engaging with residents through meetings and open forums can build trust and cooperation between the community and law enforcement. This approach can lead to more effective crime prevention strategies and address the specific concerns of Kukum’s residents.

We, the people of the Solomon Islands, should make ensuring the safety of our community our top priority. I hope this letter will prompt the necessary action to make Kukum a safer place for everyone.

Michael Diau (S11200960)
USP Solomon Islands

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