Residents allege security guards charging unjustified payments at Nine Ridge boom gate


A number of residents residing at Nine Ridge area, South Honiara have raised concerns over alleged extortion by security guards stationed at a local boom gate.

The security guards have reportedly been demanding payments ranging from $300 to $400 before permitting the passage of vehicles carrying building materials.

The route to the boom gate is accessed via Zion Road in East Honiara, leading to the property owned by the Bahai church.

Previously, residents encountered no hindrances when accessing the boom gate.

However, a recent change in practice, involving the levying of fees, has caught them off guard.

Expressing their dissatisfaction, a resident who chose to remain anonymous stated, “We are hardworking individuals striving to establish our homes. Subjecting us to these charges is not only unjust but also inhumane.”

The residents are questioning the authorization behind the security guards’ imposition of fees. According to information obtained, the Ministry of Lands, Housing, and Survey had contracted the security guards to manage the boom gate and oversee activities in the South Honiara sub-division.

In response to the situation, Commissioner of Lands, Alan McNeil, has requested additional details for clarification.

McNeil has sought the names of the affected residents as well as the identities of the security guards involved.

This data is crucial for enabling a swift and appropriate response from the Ministry.

It should be noted that the residents at Nine Ridge are not currently residing within the South Honiara sub-division.

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