Unvaxed, elderly prone to any new variant: Togamana

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Unvaccinated persons with underlying health conditions and the elderly will get sick from any new variant that enters the country.

Minister for Health and Medical Services Dr Culwick Togamana announced this in his situational update on covid-19 this week.

Solomon Islands was recently announced by the government as undergoing its second wave of covid-19 community transmission.

In January this year, the first wave began, ending about two months later, which was due to the Delta strain.

The current second wave is reportedly caused by the Omicron variant.

‘Nevertheless, those with unvaccinated more especially with underlying health conditions, the elderly and those with risk behaviours still remain at risk of being sick and even die from the new variant,” Togamana said.

“What is critical for us is to all remain united in solidarity as one family in our fight against COVID-19. Practically this requires everyone to play their part. It saddens me to see people complaining.

“Even for vaccination, do not wait for health to visit your communities.

“While this has been our struggle to bring the vaccines closer to your homes, we seek your cooperation to also go to nearest vaccination site and get vaccinated.

“This is the true meaning of unity, solidarity and togetherness in the face of COVID-19. Only through our combined cooperative efforts we will spare lives, preserve our health and overcome this virus,” Togamana said.