Unprofessionalism of nurse in Labour Ward

DEAR EDITOR, being on September 23, 2018 I could remember well sitting in the Labour ward at the National Referral Hospital waiting for my wife to attend labour and saw the unprofessional behaviour shown by the nurses in the labour ward towards the pregnant female (patient).

Flash back in early 2000 Midwifes are so kind to pregnant mothers which they show respect and comfort to patient.

Nowadays there were too many new Registered Nurse which they do not treat patient well in the labour ward.

They also mention unprofessional statement by saying to the pregnant mothers with pain, that’s what you people wants!

They even make fun of the mothers that fill with pain and even do not have heart to comfort the mothers but oppositely sit back in their office and making fun to the pregnant mother using Medical terms.

Also when mothers crying with pain they shout angrily to them saying shut up, you make too much Noise with realising that there is another life and it’s not a play.

I was standing and saw this happen.

In result of their delay and attitude there were 4 incident happen, two (2) mothers lost their twins, the other lost her baby after seizer and the other mother delivered her baby on the walk way in the labour ward.

All this incident show poor nursing which should be removed or else go back to attend school for another ten years.

It is a problem for us to day and for mothers that attend labor at National Referral Hospital where you will definitely face irresponsible nurses.

Responsible authorities should enquire in to this issue and remove those type of nurse out or should discipline them for their action (negligent of duty).

That kind of ward should need right people who have brain and can help others.

Lastly I just want to applaud the doctors in charge for that ward for their good work showing real professional duties towards patients (a female and a Male doctor) this what junior nurses (diploma) should do, following the example of the PHD people.

Samson Kele

Tasahe Bee

West Honiara

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