Applause to the Friends of the City

DEAR EDITOR, I’d like to express my appreciation and support for the work the Friends of the City had done to keep our capital as well as educating our fellow citizens to be responsible to throw rubbish in the right place. This kind of voluntary group shows that Solomon Island citizens could still improve and have the potential to develop our country.

I could still vividly remember one Saturday, I went down to town and saw that the streets of Honiara was adorned with red t-shirts of all ages, men and women, from different ethnicity all working together sweeping and picking up rubbish along the Point Cruz area, and distributing drums along the streets for the public to use. I was beyond impressed that I called my friends and told them about what this group was doing, and we decided that after the December break we would consult and join the group to do whatever work they come up with to keep our City clean.

Most of the time, people talked and talked about keeping our capital clean but nothing was ever done to put their plans into actions, but now Friends of the City have taken the initiative to put this into action. I urged fellow citizens who resides in Honiara to come out and give a hand when the Friends of the City conduct a clean-up campaign. And to the organizers of this group, you all deserve a standing ovation for the amazing job you have put forward, may God bless the Friends of the City.

Brenda Tavake

Emalus Campus


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