Ungodly pastors

DEAR EDITOR, as the country head towards the poll, people started to push hard for their preferred candidates.

It is normal but abnormalities is happening in some churches where Pastors are laying hands on their preferred candidates urging their congregation for their support.

This is very wrong and evil.

The good book told us that when the apostles need a replacement for Judas Iscariot, they did not appoint but prayed for the Holy Spirit to reveal the replacement.

So what some Pastors in some SSEC congregations are doing by anointing their preferred candidates during Sunday Services and forcing church members to support is unbiblical and ungodly.

Pastors as such should be dethroned from church leadership.

In other words, they are opportunists with greed that will accumulate wealth from their candidates should they win.

They have very bad intentions and the SSEC church in Solomon Islands must severely discipline them for bringing the name of the church into question.

Their actions is far worse than those chewing betelnuts which the church regarded as backsliders.

John Aonima

G Camp

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