Ulawa Catholic communities celebrate feast day of Sacred Heart

The five new communicants who received their first sacrament at the saints day
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CATHOLIC communities on the Island of Ulawa have successfully marked the feast day of Mary the mother of Jesus on Friday.

The secretary of the Sacred Heart Local church on Ulawa Island, Godfrey Sautehi said it was a day to commemorate the feast day of the sacred heart of Mary the mother of Jesus according to the catholic calendar, which is on the 11th of June.

“On this day around the world, the catholic congregation gathered to celebrate and commemorate the feast day of our blessed virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus,” he said.

The Sacred Heart of Mary Women taking the offertory for blessing

“The Haraina catholic community is very humbled and happy that we are able to have successfully held this saints’ day of our church,” he further stated.

He also adds that the church also welcomed five new communicants during the celebration which he described as the main highlight of the commemoration.

“The catholic communities on Ulawa also have witnessed and welcomed in this occasion the blessing and receiving of the first holy communication of five new communicants of the Sacred Heart community which is the highlight of this days’ celebration”, Mr Sautehi added.

Father John Tahieu receiving the offertories

The service was officiated by Fr John Tahieu who is currently residing on Ulawa and was attended by people from the four catholic communities in Ulawa.

The celebration concluded with feasting and entertainment.

By Lionel Taorao

In Ulawa