Two4One and Big Mountain to sign record deal


Group picture of the Two4One band members in their studio

HISTORY will be made for the country’s music industry as the Big Mountain Reggae group looks to sign a recording deal with the Two4One Band of Solomon Islands.

The Big Mountain reggae vibes from California, USA will be visiting Solomon Islands particularly Honiara for a stage show at the club Heritage Park Hotel on August 25.

The trip will be an opportunity for the Two4One band to do a gig collaboration with Joaquin Quino McWhinney, the lead vocalist of Big Mountain.

They will be recording two composed songs from the Two4One band, and the deal with be signed during Big Mountain’s visit to Honiara on August 25, 2018.

For a renowned reggae group in the world such as Big Mountain to do a recording with the Two4One in a local studio on Solomon soil is a remarkable milestone – history begins for local reggae bands.

Two4One band leader Mr Donald Bato said in an interview that Two4One will be having a recording deal with Joaquin Quino McWhinney of Big Mountain at McWhinney’s request.

He said they have been communicating and exchanging emails to sign the recording during his trip to Honiara this month, during which he will spend seven days.

“We are looking forward to our new recording projects as the Two4One receive request from an international reggae artist, Joaquin Quino McWhinney from Big Mountain,” Bato said.

“He wants to do a collaboration gig with us, and Quino knows and found the Two4One band through the Itunes and you tube, and we are looking forward for that new agreement.”

Bato said to play alongside an international renowned reggae artist is a huge achievement and breakthrough for the band to gain recognition in the global arena of reggae.

He said it is challenging but welcoming news for the band to record a label with Quino from the Big Mountain band.

Bato said is a world reggae popular band known to many Solomon Islanders and it’s an opportunity for us to tug with such a group.

“Recording a gig with Big Mountain will support the status of Two4One to come up as a local band in Solomon Islands and to expose to new level of music,” Bato said.

The club HP will host a stage show of Big Mountain on 25 August 2018 at the HP area.

Local stage band for the event includes, Jaro, Amy, Davu and Sol Jay.

The Big Mountain also visited Honiara in 2016 under HP, and now this was Big Mountain’s second time stage show here.

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