Guadalcanal praised of having hard working leaders


Guadalcanal Province Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator (PPDC) Mr Don Ricky. PHOTO BY MANEBONA BARNABAS.

GUADALCANAL Province has a good combination of very hardworking leaders in which they have worked their talk said the province Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator (PPDC) Mr Don Ricky.

He said they have worked their talk in addressing most of the Guadalcanal Province policy objectives to make ends meet for their people.

“Their toil and effort is worth rewarding because it is through their consultation activity and negotiation ability with other stakeholders and the National Government that we experience some development programs in our community,” said Ricky during attending Paripao Ward’s celebration yesterday to mark their province 34th Second Appointed Day.

“To name a few developments, the development of our road infrastructure, the formation of the education ordinance, the first ever women policy that will safe guard the right of women in Guadalcanal and the effectiveness of the GPG leaders summit early this year is amongst many.

“Whilst the provincial government continues to deliver these services within its capacity, we are concise of the rationale and purpose of PGSP which primarily hinges on good governance and accountability.

“The provincial government acknowledges that there are areas of improvement and gaps in this venture and we are doing all we can to improve and go along.”

It is understood that a main celebration for Guadalcanal Province Wards together to mark their 2nd Appointed Day will be today at the National Museum.

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